Php chat script

Posted on September 13th, 2010 in Php chat

With Social networking web-sites taking over the world, one has to be a bit more creative to coax the spoiled user and make him plus 1 on a particular network. Luckily there’s no such thing as perfection, so there are always a couple loopholes that allow competition to stay on top. Listing all of them would turn the article into a screed, so we’ll discuss only one of the many. Let’s start off with the very basics.
A social networking web-site was initially designed to connect people (family, friends, colleagues and students) from different places (cities, states,countries), allow them to share their life experience with each other and make friends. Thus, one of the main attributes of such web-site is a chat script that gives users an ability to communicate with each other including on-line communication. However, for some reason most of the existing social portals neglect the latter. All the chat scripts implemented on existing social sites are rather simple. But wouldn’t it be more fun to have a video chat for web-site? I sure would enjoy that.
Nowadays there is a great number of .net and php chat solutions available on the market. Most of them allow integration with some popular social networking web-sites, so be sure to find one for your future project as well. Such chat server applications are pretty easy to integrate. They allow users to share photos, pictures, thoughts and emotions on-line, expressively and with the help of a web-cam. That could be something innovative to introduce to the niche. Think about it and await for another short article with a hint to success.

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