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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
What languages are supported and can the design be adjusted for several languages?
Can you perform installation and integration of your software?
Do I get the source code for the applications?
What types of businesses can your software be used for?
will your application fit in my multiple membership level web site?
What is included into the price in terms of the files that I get?
What is the difference between a/v and text only edition?
What' is the advantage of being hosted with you?
Do you have limits on number of people chating in the room?
Can I have private rooms within the chat?
Are the applications names, logos, other graphics customizable to match my website?

Sales Questions
What are the payment options?
Do you offer discounts for multiple application purchases?
If I require custom features to be added to my applications, can you do that and how much would it cost?
If I decide to add plug-ins after I bought the application, can I do that?
If an application update is released, what is the cost of getting an upgrade?
Is the price one-time fee or monthly fee?
What if I want to support more concurrent users down the road?

Technical Questions
Can I run Flashcoms on Windows and Linux?
Can I embed chat into my web page?
What are the server requirements?
What is the recommended hardware configuration?
How can I install an application?
Can media server be installed on vps?
How can I overcome a firewall issue?
Can the users be auto-logged in to the chat?
what kind of data transfer security do you provide?
What other software do I need to run your applications?
Can your applications be seamlessly integrated with my existing users database?
Why does application hang at initialization screen?











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