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General Questions

What languages are supported and can the design be adjusted for several languages?

FlashComs applications provide multilanguage support which means that application users will be able to use any language. If the choice of several languages has to be given to the users, this is supported as well. The application skins can be changed to provide all design elements in the required language.

Can you perform installation and integration of your software?

Yes, we provide installation / integration service. The price for service is USD 150

Do I get the source code for the applications?

No, we do not provide application source codes for licensing reasons.

What types of businesses can your software be used for?

Flashcoms software is multi-targeted and well fit into variety of business concepts starting from social orientated websites and ending up with corporate networks.

will your application fit in my multiple membership level web site?

There are number of plugins available which accommodate specific needs of multi-membership environment by allowing website admin to differentiate features and functionality access per user level.
User-level limitations
User-level limitations PRO


What is included into the price in terms of the files that I get?

The packages include application engine files (PHP or .NET), database, SWF application files and Installation Manuals.

What is the difference between a/v and text only edition?

Both editions are identical in functionality with the only difference of video / audio capability absence for text only version. 

What' is the advantage of being hosted with you?

Going hosted solution path all application files will still reside on your website but video / audio stream will go over our FMS without bringing any extra load on your side.

Do you have limits on number of people chating in the room?

Maximum number of concurrent connections can be set by license or / and affected by non-product factors such as media server type, hardware configuration, video / audio quality, network bandwidth etc. 

Can I have private rooms within the chat?

Yes, public and password protected rooms is a basic feature. Number of rooms you create is not limited.

Are the applications names, logos, other graphics customizable to match my website?

Along with the actual application we supply source skin file which allows you changing any interface element to match feel and look of your website.