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Technical Questions

Can I run Flashcoms on Windows and Linux?

All Flashcoms solutions are cross-platform and running with no limitations on Mac, Windows and Linux.

Can I embed chat into my web page?

Chat supports both modes: embedded or / and popup. 

What are the server requirements?

Please refer to “Server requirements” page provided per product.

What is the recommended hardware configuration?

The system hardware-configuration choice is motivated by given application and environment being used (number of concurrent connections, media server type, video / audio quality etc). For instance, running Red5 requires at least 1GB of free RAM to maintain stable performance meanwhile FMS and Wowza consume less resources. 

How can I install an application?

You may find detailed instructions on installation / integration process in the manual which comes along with application. Basically installation is about copying a set of files to you website and configuring a couple of settings meanwhile integration comes as more complex process and requires at least intermediate programming knowledge.

Can media server be installed on vps?

Yes, media server can be run off of VPS as long as you have root access to the server. 

How can I overcome a firewall issue?

The most common practice to overcome firewall block is to have media server running on port 80 and application configured accordingly.

Can the users be auto-logged in to the chat?

Chat support 3 entrance modes: 1. automatic login (user is forwarded directly to chat room bypassing login screen and being authorized using your website authentication mechanism) 2. Chat authenticate (user types login and password at welcome screen for authentication) 3. Guest mode (user provides only username to enter the chat). Application allows having a single mode or a combination of any mentioned above.

what kind of data transfer security do you provide?

Any of Flashcoms solutions can be configured to run over RTMPS (tunnel via https - default port of 443) with data transfer encryption.

What other software do I need to run your applications?

The main prerequisite for running flash based solution with video / audio streaming capabilities is media server (FMS, Wowza, Red5). If you are signed up with hosted account then no additional software installation is required as application utilizes resources of our equipment.

Can your applications be seamlessly integrated with my existing users database?

Flashcoms products were specifically designed to be integrated into existing website authentication mechanism, profile system and users database. Flexible integration API provides ultimate control over connection between flash client and your website backend structure.

Why does application hang at initialization screen?

The most apparent reason is a connection issue between flash client and media server.  Please make sure the following requirements are met:
1. Media server is running.
2. Port 1935 is open on server.
3. Firewall on client’s side doesn’t block outgoing connections to port 1935.