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27 Jun 2011, FMS hosting summer special

Traditionally, FMS hosting dept is happy to announce the start of summer special 2011.

This time we have prepared a great offer for those, who seek long-term stabe solution and value resources.

Only this summer 30% off for 1 year FMS hosting subscribers. That means you can save from $200 up to $2000 per year.

Why waste more on something that is so affordable and easy to use. Purchase annual FMS hosting today and save each month with our summer special.

If you want to make an order or have any questions please feel free to contact us.

And remember, our special offers are open for all customers, i.e. new buyers and existing clients.


24 Jun 2011, Hot summer - cool prices



While most of the companies are cooling off their sales offers, FlashComs is just heating up.

We are glad to announce the following benefits of our July special offer:
New buyers of 100 users license will receive one FREE plugin + 20% off
New buyers of unlimited license will receive two FREE pugins + FREE installation
New buyers of PRO license will receive additional three months of FREE support + ANY five or three plugins for chat and messenger accordingly.

And by the way, July starts NOW!

You can read more information about the offer here.

18 Feb 2011, More great news from our hosting dept.

It is still cold outside, so our Flashcoms hosting dept decided to make our customers feel warm and cozy inside our flashcoms community. This time, we would like to thank everyone for your loyalty and commitment to our company. With this respect, costs for all 6-months and 1 year hosting plans were decreased. Now you can save up to 20% each year. So, feel free to contact us and request your long-term savings. You can learn more about the new pricing here

30 Mar 2010, Get unlimited for any license.

 One month past, more work done and new astonishing results carried out. FlashComs hosting dept is glad to announce the second stage of service improvements. In our first pace forward, the reduction of prices was one of the key components. The plans were adjusted according to your needs. This time the prices stay low and the traffic increases. And the best part about it – the increase goes on and on in ANY hosting plan you choose. No more worries about your monthly usage, ways to cut your bandwidth, etc. Get UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH for any license. Simply sign up and let us help you be one happy customer.

Visit our hosting page for details: 
And remeber that Flashcoms cares for your interests!
24 Feb 2010, Great hosting discounts.

Great news from Flashcoms hosting department.

This time our hosting team really nailed it. Every affort was made towards significant improvements in our hosting service.
The plans were updated to be even more flexible and adaptable to your needs. Now you get more traffic for less money!
And with each next hosting plan your savings only grow. 
The plans were worked out according to the long-term analysis and several research. We have compared the data
about each customer's actual plan - and actual traffic usage, the expencies held on both sides, competitors map,etc. 
And are now happy to share the results with you, no matter if you are a new customer or a loyal buddy.
Visit our hosting page for details:
And remeber that Flashcoms cares for your interests!
22 Jan 2010, IDate conference 2010.

Upcoming IDate conference held January 27-29, 2010 Miami has much interesting to offer to online businesses. Flashcoms being a gold sponsor will contribute into saturated conference agenda the release of 7.0 version of Community Chat and Site Messenger.  We welcome all interested parties to participate in the conference!

01 Dec 2009, Christmas special offer!

Flashcoms has a pleasure to announce the start of Christmas campaign.  Through December of 2009 for any of your purchase you receive corresponding free addon(s). For more information please follow this link

10 Nov 2009, Room Schedule plugin released.

This plugin helps to control accessibility of a chat room in time using different time frames. The plugin can be integrated into existing schedule system or used as an additional administration option. More information can be found here.

25 Aug 2009, 30% discount on all products.

Became popular through all summer Flashcoms special offer returns back. You are still able to avail of 30% discount for any purchase at Flashcoms till September the 1 st. Please take a look at updated pricing page and feel free to contact our online support if any questions. 

19 Aug 2009, Single-player games added.

Flashcoms has a pleasure to announce the new, updated release of our popular Game Zone plug-in. With twenty single player games to choose from we will guarantee you a truly enjoyable experience with Flashcoms products.

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