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03 Aug 2009, 30% discount offer extended.

Due to our special summer discounts offer popular demand we have decided to extend the campaign for another two weeks so you can still get any Flashcoms product with 30% discount. For more information please contact our sales department or have a live chat with one of our sales support operator.

24 Jul 2009, 30% discount on all products.

At Flashcoms we are pleased to announce the opening of new summer discount season, giving you the unique opportunity to purchase any application license with 30% discount, which makes it truly an offer you can’t afford to miss. Please note that our special offer is valid until the  1st  August only. For more information please contact our sales dept or have a live chat with sales support operator.

16 Jun 2009, Software release at iDate 2009.

Being among the speakers at the upcoming iDate conference held in June 2009 Flashcoms will make an official announcement of Z5messenger and Z5chat release. The presentation will cover the analysis of current industry trend and perspectives of Z5 suit with comprehensive review of features. We welcome all interested parties to participate in exhibition to get latest updates straight from the tin.
Anticipating the official release live demos of Z5messenger and Z5chat can be already seen at and

05 Jun 2009, Free Flash scripts available!

Flashcoms launches a new branch of FREE flash products to provide an easy access to the most popular and must-have features for any interactive website. We are set to expand existing set of applications on regular basis which currently includes the following: Free Flash MP3 Player and Free Shoutbox. Keep up with the updates and announcements at

18 May 2009, MP3 moderation added.

Administration console has been updated with MP3 songs list moderation. An easy and intuitive interface enables administrator to sort the list by date, playback recordings and remove unwanted ones with one click.

22 Apr 2009, YouTube chat player added.

Now all YouTube links posted in a chat room get loaded automatically into built-in YouTube-style player. Just with one click videos can be shared with entire chat community bringing simplicity and comfort in use for website members. Chat admin has an option to enable / disable this feature through configuration panel. Please feel free to visit our demo to test it for yourself.

13 Apr 2009, Flood control added.

In response to multiple enquires to provide admin / moderator with an ability to limit “messy” messages we release “flood control” feature to be a part of admin privileges list. The following settings are available for configuration: 

  • Enable / disable flood control. (Boolean)
  • Time span. (Seconds)
  • Max number of messages per Time span. (Integer)
  • Max number of similar messages in row. (Integer)
06 Apr 2009, Load-balancing edition released.

Load-balancing edition of community / corporate chat was designed for the networks and communities where effective load-balancing of server resources is crucial to handling high traffic volumes while maintaining excellent performance levels for end users. Deploying such mechanism you ensure the service is fully redundant and that the load is distributed between elements to avoid reaching server threshold levels.

25 Mar 2009, 4 new plugins released.

In order to keep the pace with growing amount of new functionality / features requirements we are still on the way of accumulating incoming requests and developing new modules. This time we are releasing the following plugins:

Chat Speaker
Conference Room
History to DB PRO

25 Sep 2008, Flashcoms v.6.0 released.
The 6.0 version of Flashcoms boasts of implementation high-end features such as built-in whiteboard, instant messengers support, online games, MP3 player and more. Newly developed skin management system brings more flexibility in adjusting application interface to your website feel and look. For more details please visit product features page.
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