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28 Feb 2008, Video chat v5.1 Free Trial released.
A trial version of community video chat is now available for download. It is fully functional, however it is limited to 5 concurrent connections and 1 month of use.
25 Jan 2008, Community video chat v5.1 released.
A new version 5.1 has been officially released. Among the key features you will find avatar mode, updated toolbar with quick access to main options, flash background, "send an image" option and more. Version 5.1 has an enhanced admin console which provides quick and straightforward way to control chat configuration. For more details please visit product features page.
01 Sep 2007, Flashcoms v.5.0 released
A new version 5.0 for the whole range of Flashcoms applications has been officially released. Among new features you will find multi skin support, Enhanced design, Private chat rooms, Advanced administration and many other. Integration process now is even easier with updated application logic and ready-to-go integration modules for the most popular website scripts. Formore details, please visit products features pages.
01 May 2007, FlashComs java server released
Flashcoms java chat server for Community chat and Site Messenger applications released. Java chat server is developed as alternative to http chat server. The main advantage is socket based permanent connection between server and chat client what allows delivering messages instantly.
17 Apr 2007, All media servers are supported
In addition to Flash Media Server, Wowza and Red5 servers are now supported by FlashComs. Thorough testing of Wowza 1.1 and Red5 6.0 for Flashcoms applications has shown that either one can become a good alternative to FMS. To learn more please visit our blog at ""
08 Dec 2006, Version 4.3 released
The new version 4.3 of all Flashcoms applications has been officially released. The new key features of the products update are new engine, the ability to edit skin FLA file, plugins support and more. Please visit products details pages to learn more.
07 Dec 2006, Profile Recorder released
Profile Recorder is the new FlashComs application that enables your websites users to record and play back their video/audio messages on your website without any additional software required. Easily integrated with users database Profile Recorder can be used for recording personal profile greeting messages, site announcements or as a/v mail system.
26 May 2006, Flashcoms v.4.0
The new version 4.0 of all Flashcoms applications has been officially released. The new key features of the products update are custom skin support, send a file functionality, resizable application window, multilanguage support, users avatars. Please visit products details pages to learn more.
14 Feb 2006, Community Video Chat
Community Video Chat with multi-user real time video/audio/text support has been released. It incorporates all essential features of other Flashcoms applications and provides rich functionality for audio/video communication. Flexible video window positioning - as separate windows over the chat area or within the designated "video line" - allows seeing all chat room users at the same time in smaller windows or in enlarged individual windows.
07 Sep 2005, Site Messenger Integration
Community Chat has been integrated with Site Messenger. Now chat users can easily switch to the private communication session by simply clicking on the username and then return to the main chat window at any time.
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