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We needed a good video chat solution for our portal, and after thorough research we chose FlashComs video chat. It is a good quality product and our experience using it just proved it. It was important for us to have a solution which we could easily skin and enhance with new features, and FlashComs offered exactly what we needed - many handy plugins. Also, Video chat really uses the potential of Flash Media Server, no problems with video streaming at all, and that is with our high traffic. I cannot stress enough how vital it is for a MTV portal to have all applications run smoothly as we have so many active visitors each day. FlashComs video chat performance is great under our tough traffic, and that is what we really pleased with. Support team is very responsive, replies are fast and any issues resolved with no problems. I was quite pleased with attention to detail and to the customer personally I got from FlashComs staff.

Amato Gianni, is currently one of the biggest online dating portals in Switzerland. During development phase, we were looking for a product which would meet all our high requirements such as fresh modern look, feature-rich applications, multiple-language support, flexible customization, and up-to-date technology. A low-cost standard product would not be sufficient for the needs of our demanding customers. We chose Flashcoms products because they deliver flexible and quick support, quick and simple integration into existing application, both in terms of code and design. Costs for Flascoms applications are clearly calculable and there are no hidden costs. We strongly recommend the products of Flashcoms. It was great working together. If we plan to extend the range of our services on our dating platform, we will get back to the products of Flashcoms.

Grauf Manuel,

After months of researching a myriad of chat software upon the Internet for installation and integration into my existing Vbulletin forum, Flashcoms was the clear winner all round. I reviewed over 20 companies' products, comparing price, platform, scalability, usability and ease of installation. Flashcoms was the clear winner across all criteria. The real winning factors for my choice were the ease of installation and, most importantly, the ease of which the program can be used. Whilst we web savvy find software easy to use and understand, I required the application not only to be robust and feature rich, but more that any age group could easily learn the software in under 30 minutes, computer/web literate or not. Flashcoms was the only program that met all my criteria, came with exceptional price and even superior pricing compared to other more expensive applications.

Whilst self installation was actually quite simple, even for the least web savvy webmaster, I managed to have the software fully functional myself. On reading further how the software could integrate with existing applications, I knew the job was beyond my own scope of knowledge, thus I utilized Flashcoms paid services for installation. Considering I paid under a $100 for the custom integration into the forum, Flashcoms went above and beyond catering my needs and customizing the installation at no further cost than their initial cost. Thank you very much.

Anthony Parsons,

Swapz has FlashComs chat and site messenger installed, but I am sure that if I ever decide to offer more interactive features to my users I will certainly go back to FlashComs team. Swapz is a busy place, and is growing, so it needs an application which would have a good load margin. So far with our growing traffic everything runs great. I am sure FlashComs applications helped to turn a good deal of occasional visitors into frequent users and members.

Paul Key,

As a community site owner I needed multiple video and audio flash applications that are stable and backed by a professional support staff. Flashcoms wide array of audio, video and chat programs exceeded our expectations and provide us with the flash applications we needed. A great support staff, flash applications and pricing, makes FlashComs Chat Software better than any competitor out there.

Patrick Vanderhorst,
Digital Nemexis, Inc.

After searching for a Flash Video Chat for quite some time for my site I finally decided on Flashcoms Community Chat with Communicator to allow private one to one chat. I have since added the Custom Smiles plug-in and had some customization work carried out.

Community Chat is very easy to use and, with the option of viewing multiple cams, direct file sending from one user to another, the facility of being able to whisper and/or block other users and with the added bonus of each user being able to customize certain aspects to their own liking has made this chat a winner with my customers.

I requested Flashcoms carried out the installation and integration to my site, which they carried out in an efficient, professional and timely manner. Their support and sales team are very professional and technically sound too which made buying and integrating the chat with my website quite smooth and fast.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Flashcoms to supply Flash based products.

Michael Hibbert,

Looking for a high quality audio solution for months, Flashcoms has proven to be the most reliable and inexpensive solution available on the web. Instead paying for each single user, Flashcoms provides a solution which is simply future proof as you don't have to worry about growth. No matter if you purchase the default series or require personalizes add-ons, the Flashcoms team is there for you and delivers your product faster than any other company we dealed with. All that said, we would like to thank Flashcoms for their fascinating product series and are looking forward to see the next versions.

Martin Bosch,

FlashComs VideoChat is a great application. After we evaluated several tools our choice for FlashComs was simple because it was the only solution that could meet our demands.
It does everything we want and more. Both we as administrators and our customers are very satisfied with this superb product.

Stefano Brozzoni,

I had to choose between several software providers in order to buy the best application for my dating services (systems to allow video communications between 2 users in a pay-per-minute basis). The actual object of my search was a video communicator system that could be easily integrated with my server side software written in Perl. I was also looking for a webcam recorder to allow my customers to send/receive video messages. And I wanted to achieve this without installing any additional software. When reviewing many flash products providers I have compared not only the prices, but also other aspects: clear and friendly interface, easy integration, number of features, functionality and ability to be personalized, general impression of the company etc. So, I decided to buy Flascoms VideoCommunicator and recorder because they simply fit all my needs the best.
The integration in my custom software was very easy and fast, documentation is good in terms of clearness, may be it could be somewhat better in terms of completeness. The fast replies of the technical support were very helpful. My onsite tests were made with a critical (in terms of speed) video connection from Italy (adsl) and Russia (with an old analog line). The first test had some problems: the video was lost after several seconds of display. After I contacted the service, they very soon provided me with an effective modification of the parameters and now the system works fine. I also got some personalized plugins that I found very useful for my application.

My experience with Flashcoms was good, the staff is friendly and collaborative, prices are competitive, and the developement of custom functionality and plugins is a very useful opportunity.

Luciano Bossotto,