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Webmaster Program

Flashcoms has a pleasure to announce the launch of a partnership program for all web development companies and webmasters that allows to receive special conditions for all products. To start out participating in the program please submit basic information for review at the form below. Existing customers are also eligible and welcome.

The program stipulates the following conditions to be provided to our partners:

  • 30 % off the price for any of Flashcoms products.

  • 20 % off the plugin’s price.

  • 10 % off the price for services (installation / integration/ skin design / custom development )

  •  Free demo with your company’s logo. 

  •  Free re-branding plugin. 

Please fill out online form to prove your identity of being webmaster or web development company.Upon submission you will be contacted by our representative with further details.

Webmaster program form

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Last Name:
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