Administrators/Moderators management

In order to manage chat administrators/moderators enter Admin section. You will see a screen similar to the one bellow:

The difference between chat administrator and moderator is a possibility to access admin console. Only administrator can access it, when moderators can only moderate chat users (kick, ban, warn, etc.)

To add a chat administrator/moderator click Create Admin button on the top:


Field name Description
Admin Name* Name of the user you want to make an administrator.
Password* Password which is used by the user to enter the admin panel
Level* Level of the administrative control, assigned to the user.
Description Some text, which describes the administrator (optional).

Deleting users from VideoChat administrator panel has no effect on your current userís database. Deleted users will still be able to log-into chat, but as regular users.

Remember: at least one user with administrator rights must be listed in the admin panel, otherwise you will not be able to enter the admin console.