Bans management

To manage chat ban list enter the corresponding section of the admin console.

In this section admin can manage bans by user name,flash cookie, IP address or IP range.

To add a ban select, click Create ban button:


Field name Description
Type Ban type: IP range, User name, User IP, Flash cookie
From IP/To IP Ban IP range (if type is set to IP range)
IP Banned user IP address (if type is set to IP address)
User name Banned user's login name (if type is set to user name)
Ends at Ban ends date and time
Description Some text, which describes the ban reason (optional)


Be cautious of using ban by flash cookie. This type of ban is stored on user's PC and can't be modified / removed by admin until it expiries or user deletes flash cookie manually. Depending on OS and its structure flash cookie location may differ, for Windows it can be found here - c:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\MQHZS7LU\ . Locate folder with the same name as your website and delete it, this will reset all settings along with bans.