In this section you can manage different aspects of the chat interface.


Input toolbar settings
Parameter name Description
Select smile Hide / show Smiles button
Output settings Hide / show Output Settings button
Sounds alerts Hide / show Sound Alert button
Select avatar Hide / show Select Avatar button
Chat background Hide / show Change Background button
Change skin Hide / show Change Skin button
Predefined messages Hide / show Predefined Messages button
My colour Hide / show My Color  selector

Right panels
Parameter name Description
Who's watching Hide / show  Who's Watching panel
Friend / block list Hide / show Friend / Block panel

Main buttons
Parameter name Description
Open chat rooms Hide / show Open Chat Rooms button
Settings Hide / show Settings button
Help Hide / show  Help button

Login screen
Parameter name Description
Select rooms Hide / show  Rooms dropdown
Select language Hide / show Language dropdown
Select skin Hide / show  Skin  dropdown