Question: When I am trying to reach test.php page it shows up only a blank screen.

Answer: You should enable error reporting in php.ini file - 'error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE'

Question: My test.php page throws out a bunch of errors saying "Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required"

Answer: Make sure FLASHCOMS_ROOT parameter in settings.php file corresponds to real location.

Question: I have embedded chat to website page but instead of actual application I see "You need to upgrade your flash player" error, though I have the latest installed.

Answer: This error means Flashcoms.js file hasn't been loaded on the page. Make sure you have added reference as follow: < script language="JavaScript" src=""> < /script>

Question: The chat stuck loading at 92%, what can be wrong?

Answer: Apparently you haven't added new mime type for .LSS extension; please refer to corresponding section of the manual.

Question: I have got my test page up but chat screen hangs on "initialization" stage.

Answer: The most apparent reason that there is no connection with your media server. Please go over checklist to troubleshoot the issue and confirm the following:
1. Application resides in the same folder as the license was compiled for. By default it's "flashcoms", in order to change it package needs to be recompiled since HTTP path is hardcoded.
2. Media server is up and running.
3. Port 1935 is open on the server.
4. Firewall doesn't block outgoing connections to port 1935.
5. You have correctly configured settings file for Wowza and Red5.
6. Media server was rebooted.

Question: At the welcome screen clicking "register" button takes me to non-existing page.

Answer: Flashcoms products do not come with database, it's designed to be integrated with existing website. The path to your registration page can be modified in main.xml file (handlers section). If you leave registration handler blank the button won't be displayed at all.

Question: How do I gain admin rights to chat?

Answer: There is one admin's account registered by default - login: admin, password: admin. Upon entrance you will see additional button (crossed spanner and hammer) top right - admin console.