Languages management

To manage video chat language packs you should edit languages section of the main settings file which is located at /flashcoms/videochat/settings/main.xml


<defaultLanguage id="en" />

<language id="en" url="{ROOT}videochat/languages/lang.en.xml">English</language>
<language id="fr" url="{ROOT}videochat/languages/">French</language>


To set the default language, you should assign a correspondent language id value to the defaultLanguage entry:

<defaultLanguage id="en" />

To add/remove language pack, please add/remove a correspondent language entry, where

id Language id
name Language name which will be displayed in the language selection menu
url Path to the current language settings file

By default language files are located at /flashcoms/videochat/languages/. Editing language file you can change any chat label text.

<language id="en" name="English">
<msg key="_ok">OK<msg/>
<msg key="_cancel">Cancel<msg/>

Some of the messages have system markers i.e. {ROOM} {USER_NAME } which should not be removed or modified.