Help files

Help content files are located in /flashcoms/videochat/languages/ directory. They are named in accordance with the language key.


For the example given above this file will have the following form:

Help content file is an XML file, which contains the settings and markers for Help Menu.

helpContent baseUrl - contains the path to the directory with the help articles for given language.
defaultPage - help page, which is displayed by default, when user opens Help section.

<node> </node> section - indicates drop down Help Menu item
<label> </label> section - specifies the name of the given menu item
<id></id> section - specifies the file name of the article located in helpContent baseUrl directory, that will be displayed when menu item is clicked. Article file must correspond with XML specification.
<items></items> section - combines several menu items into sub-menu
<item></item> section - contains sub-menu item description

Help content file is supplied with the video chat package, so you will be able to open it in any text editor and view its structure example.