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Chat skins management

Chat skins can be edited in appearance section of the main settings file, located at /flashcoms/videochat/settings/main.xml


<defaultSkin name="Sky" />
<defaultNameColor color="ff0000" />

<skin name="Black"  winColor="cccccc" color1="999999" color2="000000" color3="000000" />
<skin name="Desert Blue" winColor="C5CFDC" color1="394D6D" color2="394D6D" color3="000000" />
<skin name="Sky"         winColor="cccccc" bgImage="{ROOT}videochat/skins/backgrounds/sky.jpg" />


Parameter name Value type Description
defaultNameColor Color HEX code Defines default usernames color which is used in the chat messages
skin name String Defines the skin name which will be displayed in the skin selection window.
skin winColor Color HEX code Specifies windows and menu color
skin color1 Color HEX code Specifies gradient 1 color
skin color2 Color HEX code Specifies gradient 2 color
skin color3 Color HEX code Specifies gradient 3 color
defaultSkin name String Specifies default videochat skin name
skin bgImage String Defines the path to the skin file

If you use background image the background gradient colors (skin color 1-3) will not be applied

Video chat appearance

You manage video chat appearance and functionality by enabling/disabling different appearance settings in admin console.

The visualization section consists of 4 areas:

Toolbar buttons Allows to add/remove different functionality buttons
Right panels Right panels (who's watching me, friends list)
Main buttons Top application buttons
Login screen Login screen form elements