Community Messenger (video mode) v.6.0
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Adding Community Messenger to your website

First of all you should place the following JS code to the header of all web site pages where you want the Flashcoms Video Community Messenger to run from:

<script language="JavaScript" src="">

Placing Updater on your web site

Updater is an object which is loaded within the web page and polls database table (flashcoms_user_online) every defined time span to notify the system that the user is online. If your website is using any kind of template system where there are several global templates or common footer and/or header embedded files, then the best solution is to place the code into one of these files.

<div id="updater_swf" style="width:1px; height:1px">
<p>< strong>Flashcoms< /strong>< /p>
<p>You need to upgrade your Flash Player.< /p>
<p>Version 8 or higher is required.< /p>
download from
<a href="">
<script type="text/javascript">
var so = new SWFObject(" /flashcoms/updater/updater.swf", "Updater", "1", "1", "8", "#ffffff");
so.addVariable("uid", "USERID");
so.addVariable("userName", "USERID");
// ]]>

With session/cookies based site authorization USERID is ignored, so you can just remove this string. If site authorization is not session/cookies based USERID should be replaced with UID value. 

Installation of chat request buttons/links

To allow one user  request a chat via Flashcoms Video Community Messenger with another user  the following link should be placed on the page:

<a href="javascript:openCommunity MessengerWindow('RECEIVER_NAME', 'SENDER', 'LANG_ID')> Open Community Messenger </a>


RECEIVER Required, the name of the user who  receives private chat request .
SENDER Optional, the name of the user who initiates private chatting.
LANG_ID Optional, if specified interface language is changed automatically.

SENDER parameter should be replaced with the data according to the table below:

Session/Cookies based site authorization Empty
Not Session/Cookies based site authorization User id value