Community Messenger v.6.0
Installation/Integration manual

Home Installation

Community Messenger installation

Copy the entire Flashcoms directory from the archive to the HTTP root folder on your server (the Flashcoms folder should be located in the HTTP root folder i.e.

If you are using any other Flashcoms products, the files in common folder may be rewritten but please make sure you have correct data in flashcoms/common/server/php/settings.php file.


Create the required database tables using the dump file located in flashcoms/install/sql/


Create the required database tables using the dump file located in flashcoms/install/sql/

Setting server environment variables:

Edit flashcoms/common/server/php/settings.php file set server environment variables, where:

DB_HOST Database host address
DB_USER Database account
DB_PASSWORD Password associated with username
DB_NAME Database name

FLASHCOMS_ROOT is a server path to the flashcoms folder (i.e. C:/IIS/ windows server, /home/ UNIX server)
FLASHCOMS_HTTP_ROOT is an http address of the flashcoms folder on your server i.e.
FILES_DIR Path to the temporary file storage directory. Make sure that write permissions for this directory are granted.

define('DB_HOST', "localhost");
define('DB_USER', "username");
define('DB_PASSWORD', "password");
define('DB_NAME', "db_name");

define("FLASHCOMS_ROOT", "/path/to/flashcoms/");
define("FLASHCOMS_HTTP_ROOT", "http://yourdomain/flashcoms/");
define("FILES_DIR", FLASHCOMS_ROOT."files/");

Edit web.config file and specify the path to temp files folder, http root path and time limit (in seconds) for storing temp files sent via “Send a file” user option.

<add key="FLASHCOMS_HTTP_ROOT" value="" />
<add key="FLASHCOMS_FILES_DIR" value="D:\___dev\flashcoms_60_aspx\2.0\WebApp\flashcoms\files\" />

Media server application installation

FMS Edition
Copy the directory flashcoms/_install/fms/flashcoms5_Community Messenger to '<fms_root>/applicactions/' directory

Wowza Edition

1. Copy the following directories to your Wowza root directory:

flashcoms/_install/wowza/flashcoms5_Community Messenger/applications,
flashcoms/_install/wowza/flashcoms5_Community Messenger/conf,
flashcoms/_install/wowza/flashcoms5_Community Messenger/lib

2. Restart Wowza media server

Red5 Edition

1. Copy the directory flashcoms/_install/red5/flashcoms5_Community Messenger to '<red5_root>/webapps/' directory

2. Restart Red5 media server

Flash security policy.

Flash player has got a strong security policy. It doesn’t load any resources (including xml-files) from an alien domain. The proper domain is the one the swf file is loaded from. Please note that the domain names and are different domain names for the Flash player.

A universal solution is to redirect users from one domain to another, so that the domain name concurs with the one which is hard-coded into the application. If a user opens, then he must be redirected to (or vice-versa).

Application test

Please open the following page in your browser: (PHP Version) (ASPX Version)

Choose Video Community Messenger from the menu on the left and if you have installed the application correctly, you will see the following screen, as shown below:

Click on Test  button. A new popup window with a Community Messenger  instance will appear.