Community Messenger v.6.0
Installation/Integration manual

Home Settings

Main configuration

<userMode value="gender" />
<photoSize value="30" />
<messageMaxLength value="200" />
<parseLinks enable="true" />
<typingNotification enable="true" />
<messageApplyFilter enable="true" />
<externalSmiles enable="false" />


Parameter name Description
userMode if enabled avatar is displayed instead of user icon in the chat output area with specified size.
showPhotoInsteadOfVideo if enabled user picture comes up when video stream is unavailable
message maxLength limits max number of signs per message
applyFilter if enabled all messages are exposed to filtration.
parseLinks Text formatted like or, entered by user, is automatically converted into clickable links.
typingNotification if enabled chatters can see typing notification


Video settings

In this section you can specify available video/audio quality presets (i.e. dialup, dsl, lan) which users will be able to choose from in the video quality settings.

<videoWidth value="160" />
<videoHeight value="160" />
<defaultPreset name="DSL" />
<item name="LAN" fps="20" bandwidth="38000" quality="0" audioRate="44" />
<item name="DSL" fps="15" bandwidth="38000" quality="0" audioRate="22" />
<item name="Modem" fps="8" bandwidth="38000" quality="0" audioRate="11" />

videoWidth/videoHeight settings specifies the scale of video cam catch; approximately it is similar to the opened video window dimensions. Increasing this number you get video of the better quality and bigger load on media server. 

defaultPreset name specifies default video preset name.  

You can also add/edit/remove available audio/video quality presets where:

Parameter name Description
fps (frames per seconds) Web camera frame rate
bandwidth Allowed video stream size
quality Video frame quality (similar to JPEG compression)
audioRate Sound quality