Online Presence Feed

To setup Online users list feed go to admin panel / Presence feed. Here you can specify presence handler file and periodicity the server will send data to you.

The server sends 2 types of presence feeds. Full users list and delta. Both full list and delta go to the same handler but you can setup different periodicity for them.

Full users list


Full users list contains the list of all currently logged in users in the following XML format:

 <presenceFull ts="TIMESTAMP">



ts Server time stamp
id User Id

Upon receiving full online users list we recommend to fully replace previously received data.


Delta presence contains the data on current site enter/leave actions. In other words it contains the information about who has entered / left the site within latest time period. The data comes in the following XML format:

 <presenceDelta ts="TIME_STAMP_HERE">



ts Server time stamp
e Site enter action. ID of the user who has entered the site
l Site left action. ID of the user who has left the site.

Please keep in mind that information comes in chronological order. It is possible that during one minute for a user to leave and enter the site i.e. he/she closes the browser by default.

 If you have any problems working with presence feed we recommend downloading demo site from your support board to see an example of integration code.