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Content of the package

The Zip package with application you purchased can be downloaded from the support board. The package has the following file structure:

Server (contains media server apps)          
  FMS -FMS app  
  Wowza -Wowza app  
  Red5 -Red5 app  
Samples   (sample files, handlers,etc)    
      sample.htm -sample page with embedded messenger  
    messenger_php -sample handlers written in PHP  
    messenger_dotnet -sample handlers written in .NET  
WWW (files to be installed on your site)    
      messenger.htm -default page of the Messenger  
    admin -contains admin panel file  
        sm.js - JavaScript code you need to embed on all pages  
        no_photo_big.png - default no photo image (profile, friends list, etc)  
        no_photo_small.png - avatar thumbnail (friends list, tabs, etc)  
        updater.swf - flash object responsible for online status  
        messenger.swf - main application's file of the Messener  
        friendslist.swf - main application's file of the Friends list