General Settings


Auto Enable Web Cam If enabled, user is asked to enable web cam when he/she enters a room.
User Max Videos Maximum number of video windows, which user can open simultaneously.
User Create Room If enabled, users are allowed to create rooms.
Allow Password Protected Rooms If enabled, users are allowed to create password protected rooms.
Guest Suffix Guest-users are displayed with guest-suffix, added to their names.
Parse Links Text formatted like or, entered by user, is automatically converted into clickable links.
Mark Out Admin's Messages Admin's messages will be highlighted in chat.
Recent Messages Number of messages taken from history and displayed upon entering chat.
Enable Blinking on Unread Messages If enabled and the sum of unread messages is equal to or greater of the value set in next parameter, then unread messages indicator will start blinking.
Unread Messages to Start Blinking Specifies the number of unread messages to start blinking.
Close Chat Popup on Logout If enabled, popup is closed when logout button is clicked.
Enable Friend List Enables Friend List tab and the ability to add to friend list.
Enable Block List Enables Block List tab and the ability to add to block list.
Default Subscribe Permission Specifies who is able to subscribe to user’s published videos by default.
Save Custom Subscribe Permissions If enabled, then all subscribe permissions set by user in chat will be saved.
Send Whisper by Default If enabled, then whisper messages will be enabled by default for messages to a  specific user.
Default Users Sort Type Specifies default sort type for users list in rooms.