Chat Server Installation

Unpack chat server files on the server specified in the license. Note that java 1.6 should be installed on this server to run application.
The Chat server  package has the following file structure:

*.sh files in linux package only
*.bat files in windows package only

dir chat_server (contains chat server apps)          
  dir libs - jar files ( with their libraries and own jar servers)  
  dir logs - that is where all logs are stored  
  dir settings - that is where all settings can be found - parameters of launching server - launch of daemon (linux/mac) - script for launching in  (linux/mac) - script for correct determination (linux/mac)  
  run.bat - script for launching console (windows)  
  start.bat - script for launching service (windows)  
  stop.bat - script for determination of service (windows)  

default.admin.settings.xml – that is where all default settings for admin panel are stored. After the first launch of the server (if the file admin.settings.xml is missing) it is copied to admin.settings.xml. Afterwards all the settings are read and recorded in admin.settings.xml. default.admin.settings.xml remains unchanged in case all the settings will need to be set back to default.

Linux Installation:

In linux version there are pre-setup, as required for particular package. This is conducted by the package compilator.

1. put executable rights (755) on,,
2. copy to /etc/init.d
3. configure firewall and open ports indicated in settings/

Now server can be run as service:
/etc/init.d/ start
/etc/init.d/ stop
/etc/init.d/ restart

In linux version handlers are already pre-setup for client’s domain. In windows version handlers are set to localhost and will need to be modified.


by default ./ is launched in background and the display of the server in console is not visible. But everything can be seen in logs

less logs/chat-server.log

tail -f logs/chat-server.log (for tracking logs in real time)

Background mode is not a service yet. If you close console, server will stop.

./ console

It is launched in foreground and all output is written to the server console.
It is useful for debugging.

Deletion of Chat Server on Linux

Save a reserve copy of server settings
Delete catalogue, where the server was installed
Delete /etc/init.d/


Windows Installation:

In windows version parameters are pre-setup for localhost and with default ports. This file is stored inside installator and will be the same for all packages.

Launch installer chat_server.msi, which is included in the package

Accept the license

Choose catalogue where to complete installation

Server will be installed and launched as a system service
You will then see two icons appear on your desktop: 
-Start Flashcoms Chat Server
-Stop Flashcoms Chat Server 

To configure chat server settings please do the following:

1) Stop flashcoms chat server service if it is started.
2) Copy configured default.admin.settings.xml from your package (chat_server/settings) to the chat server installation folder and rename it to admin.settings.xml.
3) Start flashcoms chat server service.


Deletion of Chat Server on Windows

Launch installer chat_server.msi, which is included in the package

Click on "Remove"