Handlers Setup

Flashcoms products do not come with pre-built users' database as it was specifically designed to be integrated into existing website authentication mechanism and profile system. In case you don't have registration system on your website and need chat to work under integrated mode you may consider installing our free user's system which has basic attributes of a website and can be downloaded from your support area.

At this step we're configuring the path to authorization handler thus making Chat Server aware of where to turn to for user's data. At the very beginning of our installation guide we have reviewed structure of Chat's archive and copied all files to pre-created folder which is "chat71" with corresponding HTTP path as " http://yourdomain/chat71/ "

A handler is a server script, that returns data (usually in XML format) to the application upon request. For example, it can return user profile information or user authorization information.

1. Open admin console using default login : admin / admin (Be sure to change login at the first time use to prevent unauthorized access) http://yourdomain/chat71/admin/admin.htm

2. Go to Handlers section and specify corresponding path to handlers: