Web Server Setup

1. Create  "chat71" folder in the root of your website, so that full HTTP path to our installation folder will look like this




2. Copy everything from "WWW" folder of the downloaded archive in to the folder we have created in the previous step. File structure will be as follows:

dir Website root folder            
  dir chat71      
    dir admin      
    dir broadcasting      
    dir chat-widget      
    dir files      
    dir gamezone      
    dir handlers      
    dir js      
    dir mobile-client      
    dir mp3player      
    dir photos      
    dir swf      


3. Open the following page in your browser http://yourdomain/chat71/chat.htm.

4.  If all done right you should see  chat home page with the list of rooms.

5. If chat freezes on initialization screen refer to the next section (Troubleshooting) to learn about troubleshooting methods.