Content of the Package

The Zip package with application you purchased can be downloaded from the support board. The package has the following file structure:
dir chat_server (contains chat server apps) - chat server app         
dir media_server (contains media server apps)          
  dir FMS -FMS app  
  dir Red5 -Red5 app  
  dir Wowza -Wowza app  
dir www/chat71 (files to be installed on your site)    
    dir admin - contains admin panel files  
    dir broadcasting - contains broadcasting plugin files  
    dir chat-widget - contains chat-widget example use  
    dir files - all the images uploaded in chat rooms and files transferred by chat are stored here.  
    dir gamezone    
      games.handler.php(aspx) - contains the list of 3rd party games supported  
      opengame.handler.php(aspx) - handles the appearance of 3rd party game window  
    dir handlers    
      auto.login.handler.php(aspx) - Triggered upon automatic user entrance.  
      broadcasting.handler.php - Used by broadcasting plugin.  
      chat.login.handler.php(aspx) - Triggered upon manual login user entrance.  
      custom.smiles.xml - XML document that contains symbols and smile paths for custom smiles in chat.  
      guest.login.handler.php(aspx) - Triggered upon guest user entrance.  
      imagelibrary.class.php - Image processing scripts file.  
      lib.php - Preset library for testing without integration. - Used by LogPro plugin.  
      logout.handler.php (aspx) - Triggered when logout button is clicked.  
      logs.handler.php (aspx) - Used to process chat logs.  
      presence.handler.php - Triggered on time basis and receives enter/leave list or list of all online users.  
      report.user.handler.php - Triggered when some user were reported.  
      room.list.updater.handler.php - Used by room list updater plugin.  
      upload.handler.php(aspx) - Used for transferring files and images upload.  
      user.profile.handler.php(aspx) - Triggered to retrive users profiles information.  
    dir js    
      flashcoms.js - JavaScript code you need to embed on all pages  
    dir mobile-client - Version of the chat for mobile devices   
    dir mp3player    
      dir core - handlers for processing basic mp3player playlist functions  
      dir sql - contains dump of two DB tables for mp3player  
      mp3player.php - mediaplayer handler  
      settings.php - contains general setting for mp3player  
    dir photos    
      no_photo_big.png - default no photo image (profile, friends list, etc)  
      no_photo_small.png - avatar thumbnail (friends list, tabs, etc)  
    dir swf    
      dir games    
        checkers.swf - checkers game file  
        chess.swf - chess game file  
        ouths_and_crosses.swf - ouths_and_crosses game file  
      chat71.swf - main application's file of the Chat  
      debug.swf - chat debug console file  
      gamezone.swf - gamezone application's file  
      preloader.swf - loads chat application  
      whiteboard.swf - whiteboard application's file  
    chat.htm - default page of the Chat  
    chat_embeded.htm - sample page with embedded  Chat  
    sample.htm - sample codes for 3 Chat modes  
chat_server.msi - chat server installator (Windows)  
chat71.air - air client installator