Running Debug

Entire login procedure can be virtually divided onto 3 parts: connect to chat server, request to authentication handler and response from the handler. Below we will look into each phase in more detail:

Connecting to Steaming Media Server

When flash client load it establishes connection to chat server. At this stage you can receive error #0-3. For error code description and further instructions see the next section.

Request to Authentication Handler

HTTP request to the handler is sent right away after successfully established connection to media server with auto login set to true. With chat authentication mode activated request to the handler is sent once a user pushes login button. Debug provides following information:


Login type Indicates currently selected login type: Auto Login, Chat Auth, Guest Login.
Request url Destination URL for the request.
Username Username entered at login screen (Application for Chat Auth mode only).
Password Password entered at login screen (Application for Chat Auth mode only).
UID UID received from the embed code (see "Adding Chat to your website")

Response From Authentication Handler

Debug catches response from the handler containing profile information for current user. At this phase you can receive errors #4-10. See the next section for error codes explanation.