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Plugins / User level specific limitations

User level specific limitations

This plugin can be very useful for the community/networking websites with multiple membership levels. The plugin provides a possibility to set up a range of limitations per specific user level, like maximum usage time per day, video / audio options accessibility etc. These limitations could serve as a strong incentive for upgrade or a measure helping to be consistent with budgetary constraints.

There are 2 editions for Limitations plugin: Standard and PRO. A complete list of available limitations per each edition can be found below, it can also be seen in admin panel here:

Standard edition: USD 150.00

1. Allow Publish Audio (true or false)
2. Allow Publish Video (true or false)
3. Allow Listen Audio (true or false)
4. Allow Watch Video (true or false)
5. Watch Video Time Limit (minutes)
6. Chat Time Limit (minutes)
7. Allow Drawing (true or false)
8. Allow Send Image (true or false)
9. Allow Send File (true or false)
10. Max Vides (integer)
11. Allow Request Private Chat (true or false)
12. Allow Accept Private Chat (true or false)
13. Allow Rooms Creation (true or false)
14. Allow Password Protected Rooms Creation (true or false)
15. Allow Media Player (true or false)
16. Allow Upload Media (true or false)

In addition to the above limitations PRO edition provides:

PRO edition: USD 200.00

17. Allow Send Private Messages (true or false)
18. Allow Send Whisper Messages (true or false)
19. Allow Change Room (true or false)
20. Allow Join User Created Room (true or false)
21. Allow Whiteboard plugin (true or false)
22. Allow GameZone plugin (true or false)
23. Allow Save Video plugin (true or false)
24. Allow Vote to Kick  plugin (true or false)
25. Allow Report a User plugin (true or false)


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