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Chat Zone / General features

Desktop look and feel.

Following the latest technologies and trends, ChatZone interface has similar look and feel to those of the Windows desktop. Inherited from desktop GUI, such elements as windows, taskbar, navigation panel make ChatZone intuitive, comfortable and user friendly.

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All in one solution.

ChatZone is a multi-functional environment which incorporates all possible ways of online communication and offers rich functionality in social networking and entertainment. Fast interaction between user and ChatZone makes it comfortable for a large number of simultaneous users to work together. While using built-in applications, whether it is an online game, video mail or chat with your friends, there is no need to switch between browser windows or wait for the pages to load.

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Full integration with your web site.

ChatZone can be easily integrated with your web site users' database to import user login, personal settings and profile.

Themes and skins support.

The skinning was never so easy. Just in 2 minutes, you can embed your site logo, apply your site color scheme and background picture to make the application match your site look and feel. Also skin source file is supplied with the application which allows you to modify any element (i.e. buttons, icons, etc.).

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Plugins and customization.

ChatZone functionality can be extended by installing different application plugins. To learn more please refer to the plugins section of the relevant application.

If your project requires customization, you can either develop and integrate your own flash application (using ChatZone API) or contact us. We are always open to enquiries and are ready to develop a custom application/plugin for your project.

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