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Corporate chat / Overview

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Corporate Chat is a text/video/audio communication solution to deploy at corporate networks. It combines all the advantages of flash architecture to provide secure approach in on-site or internal network communication.

Cutting-edge functionality coupled with clear-cut design, free interface branding and advanced management options benefit businesses with all-sufficient solution. Impressive features such as built-in whiteboard, IM (ICQ, MSN) support, firewall compatibility and seamless integration into existing database accommodate requirements and structure of any corporate network.

What's New in v.6.0

New engine

Corporate chat v.6.0 is based on the new Flashcoms chat engine which provides robust performance even in highly loaded environments. The latest Flashcoms framework brings absolute control over skin/interface management and high scalability in application configuration.

Integrated whiteboard

With integrated whiteboard multiple users are able to draw on the same common canvas simultaneously. A number of available drawing tools along with the ability to set custom background image opens up new possibilities for e-learning and online conferencing.

Themes and skins

The skinning was never so easy. Just in 2 minutes, you can embed your site logo, apply your site color scheme and background picture to make the application match your site look and feel. The new framework also allows you to modify any interface element editing skin image file.

YouTube-style video player

YouTube links posted in a chat room get loaded automatically into built-in YouTube-style player. Just with one click videos can be shared with entire chat community bringing simplicity and comfort in use for website members. Chat admin has an option to enable / disable this feature through configuration panel.

Predefined messages

Communication just got a lot easier with the "predefined messages", which allow you to insert/send your most frequent messages without touching a keyboard. Every user can manage one's own predefined messages and maintain his/her personal messages list.


Built-in handwriting module extends messaging functionality allowing to draw pictures and to send handwritten messages. The easy-to-use iintuitive formatting tool will bring personalization to every created message.

Enhanced administration and moderation

Flashcoms Video Chat v 6.0 introduces a new advanced administration panel for custom application setup and configuration. Advanced moderation features, such as ban, kick, gag, report and more provide chat moderators with total control over chat activity.

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