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Plugins / Premoderation


This plugin can be used to protect users from objectionable postings, to filter the questions to the celebrity, to prevent advertisement/contact info posting etc. Once the plugin is integrated, the administrator/moderator will get the ability to switch premoderation mode on/off in every chat room.

By selecting premoderation mode in a certain chat room admin enables premoderation control over all the messages in that room. No messages will be posted to the chat output area unless they are approved by moderator/admin.

When a message is sent by a user, it gets to a premoderation area to be approved by chat room administrator.

All new messages will be visible to admin in the premoderation window with the option to allow/decline the message. Once the message is approved, it is posted in the main chat output area and removed from premoderation screen. All declined messages are removed from the premoderation area.

Plugin price: USD 100.00
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