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Save video

With this plugin users will not only be able to watch the video, but will also have the ability also save it on their computer.

To save a piece of someone’s video a user will need to record it by clicking on the record button located on the right-hand side of the video window.

record video

The recording process starts immediately after you have pressed the record button. You will also notice that the record button is replaced by the stop button. When you are finished recording, simply click on the stop button to initiate video save.

stop recording

Shortly after the stop button is pressed, your browser will display a standard request, to save or open a file (below is a Firefox screenshot).

save video

Choose “Save to Disk” option and click ok. Note, that video recordings are saved and stored on the computer in FLV format – Flash Live Video, therefore in order to play the video on your computer, you need to have software, which supports files of this type (i.e. Riva FLV Player – used in this example).

play recorded video

Note that you can as well use other specific software which is able to convert FLV files to another video format you need.

Plugin price: USD 100.00
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