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Plugins / User-level limitations PRO

User-level limitations PRO

This plugin can be very useful for the community/networking websites with multiple membership levels. If you have several membership plans and want to limit the video chat usage in accordance with user type, then this plugin is exactly what you are looking for.

The limitations plugin allows you to pass user level ID (such as “regular” or “premium”) to the application and set the following limitations for each user level:

- allow/prohibit audio broadcasting

- allow/prohibit video publishing

- allow/prohibit drawing

- allow/prohibit send file

- allow/prohibit request private chat

- allow/prohibit accept private chat

- allow/prohibit room creation

- allow/prohibit password protected room creation

- allow/prohibit MP3 player

- allow/prohibit MP3 upload

- allow/prohibit listening to other users’ audio

- allow/prohibit watching other users’ webcams

- limit the maximum number of video windows a user of this type can open at a time

- allow/prohibit entering rooms based on membership level

- allow/prohibit to sending private messages

- allow/prohibit sending whisper messages

- allow/prohibit changing rooms

- allow/prohibit joining user created rooms

- allow/prohibit save video plugin

- allow/prohibit vote to kick plugin

- allow/prohibit report a user plugin

- allow/prohibit whiteboard plugin

- allow/prohibit banner rotation plugin

- allow/prohibit IM Gateway plugin

- allow/prohibit Games Zone plugin

- limit the time per day a user can view other users’ webcams (regardless of the number of video windows opened)

Plugin price: USD 250.00