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Vote to kick

Enables any chat user to initiate a vote, to kick out another user from the chat. This plug-in allows users to moderate the chat themselves in real time, whithout the need of administrator or moderator.

When the plugin is integrated, "Vote to kick" option is available under user menu.

Clicking on "Vote to Kick" menu option will open up a new window, where you need to specify the reason why you want to kick this user out of the chat.

Once you are finished typing the reason click “Vote to Kick” button. Shortly after the button is clicked all users currently in chat will see a request to vote window, displaying the reason for user-kick and two option buttons – namely “Yes, kick” – which means they agree to kick the user and “No, don’t kick” – meaning they do not want to kick the user.

If they see enough reasons to kick the user from the chat, they accept the request and thus add their vote to the common stock. After appropriate calculation a user is kicked from chat when more than 50% of users vote for this.

Plugin price: USD 100.00