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Community Chat / Full features list

General Features Text-only edition A/V edition Pro edition
User-friendly Interface
Firewall penetration
Multilingual support
Many-to-many formatted chat
True multi-rooms chat support
YouTube-style video player
Personal and whisper messages
Private chat rooms
User created rooms support
Password protected rooms
Avatar/Gender/Photo modes support
Advanced text formatting
Plugins support
Friends/Block list
Send an image
Send a file
User status
Chat history
New message indicator
Block user
Handwriting Module
Media Player (Plugin)
Integrated user profile
Sound Alert
MiniChat (Plugin)
Predefined messages
Load ballancing
Embedded/Full screen/Popup modes
Whiteboard (Plugin)
Game Zone (Plugin)
Application customization *
Desktop client

Video/Audio Features Text-only edition A/V edition Pro edition
Who's watching me
Pause my web cam/mic
Different internet connection types support
Disable audio/video
Video zoom
Volume level
Video dock
Floated video windows
Prohibit/Allow view my webcam

Admin Features Text-only edition A/V edition Pro edition
Admin has control over all rooms
Perform administration in the chat room
Moderated-Chat Module
Admin Panel
Invisible Admin Module
Change View Settings
Message Settings
Bad words filtering
Specify the maximum number of users at room
Message all chatrooms
Ban management
Administrators/Moderators list management
Rooms management
Flood control
Ban user
Gag user
View user IP
Enable/disable create room option
Kick user option
Invisible mode support
Admin-set voice/video broadcast quality
Enable/disable user cam/mic
Vote to kick (Plugin)
Report a user (Plugin)

Integration Features Text-only edition A/V edition Pro edition
Full integration with external databases
Integration with web site users DB
Profile integration
Guest mode support
Internal chat authorization
Photo instead of video
Saving chat sessions to DB (Plugin)
Who is Online list
Website user-profile linking
User level specific limitations (Plugin)

Visualization Text-only edition A/V edition Pro edition
Multi-skin support
Site Logo
Source skin file
100% Resizable interface
Rebradning (Plugin)

* Requests for developing custom features or functionality can be accepted from "PRO" license holders only.

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