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Community Chat / Plugins

With the help of plugins you can significantly extend application functionality to meet custom requirements of your project. If you cannot find a required module in the plugins list, feel free to contact us to request custom development service.


This plugin removes or replaces all Flashcoms graphics and links, so you have a white label product.

User level specific limitations

With a help of this plugin you can set a premium features/functionality for premium members, or just limit the application usage.

Log Pro

Log Pro allows you to log virtually everything - video streams, audio streams, usage statistics and more.

Game zone

With this plugin adds more fun into the chat session allowing users to play various board games.


This plugin allows you to create chat-Bot users who are always online and can not only chat but also stream any pre-recorder video.


This plugin provides advanced whiteboard functionality. Multiple users are able to draw on the same common canvas simultaneously.

Mini chat

The plugin loads messages directly from the chat and displays them on the webpage in the standalone flash window.

Rooms list updater

Using this plugin you will be able to create the chat rooms on your website and deliver the rooms list to the videochat application.


This plugin catches all active video streams on media server and displays video feed on the external webpage using a built-in player.

Report a user

The plugin allows users to report on an unbecoming behavior of any user by sending a short report with user's chat log  to the administrator.

Vote to kick

This plug-in allows users to moderate the chat themselves in real time, whithout the need of administrator or moderator.

Advertisement plugin

This plugin allows you to add ads inside the community chat.

Conference Room

Conference Room plugin creates a natural conference atmosphere in a specific room.

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