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What's New in version 6.0

New engine

Community chat v.6.0 is based on the new Flashcoms chat engine which provides robust performance even in highly loaded environments. The latest Flashcoms framework brings absolute control over skin/interface management and high scalability in application configuration.

Integrated whiteboard

With integrated whiteboard multiple users are able to draw on the same common canvas simultaneously. A number of available drawing tools along with the ability to set custom background image opens up new possibilities for e-learning and online conferencing.

Built-in MP3 player

Built in mp3 player allows users to upload and playback their favorite music. All files are stored on the server and can be shared with other Chat members. Users can organize and save their own playlists, search for specific songs, upload new mp3 files and many more.

Instant messengers gateway (MSN, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ)

With IM Gateway chat users can access their MSN, AIM, Yahoo and ICQ messenger account from any place at any time. IM Gateway has all core features of regular desktop messenger software such as chat, friends list and contacts manager.

Online games

Game Zone provides chat members with an ability to create or join multi-user games such as Chess, Checkers, Noughts and crosses. Each game room includes text chat, game alerts and A/V chat which creates an atmosphere of real presence in the game.


Built-in handwriting module extends messaging functionality allowing to draw pictures and to send handwritten messages. The easy-to-use iintuitive formatting tool will bring personalization to every created message.

Enhanced administration and moderation

Flashcoms Video Chat v 6.0 introduces a new advanced administration panel for custom application setup and configuration. Advanced moderation features, such as ban, kick, gag, report and more provide chat moderators with total control over chat activity.

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