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If you do not have streaming media server for our audio/video applications or for some reasons can not install java server for text applications we are glad to offer you our hosting services.


1 month FREE hosting

Take advantage of our 'first try - then buy' campaign. You are now able to use our 1 month free hosting service option before making a final decision to host with us.  

Unlimited bandwidth

We provide you with unlimited bandwidth for any license. Thus, no need to struggle for each gb to stay within the constraints of your hosting plan limits.   

Optimized install

Flash Media Server settings are configured for the most optimal software utilization and bandwidth consumption. System monitores each virtual host and updates configuration on automatic basis ensuring robust and stable performance.

Trace your traffic

You are now able to trace your hosting statistics at any moment. You don't need to contact anyone or wait for a permission to access your account. It's fast, easy, accurate and convenient. All You'll have to do is click on the hosting link in your client area. 

Fair hosting plans

Our hosting service depends on the traffic usage. We have already upgraded our hosting plans so You could take the most of it (see the pricing table below). And we are not going to stop on that. Making every effort to comply with all your needs we are constantly working on service improvement so that You could be sure that Flashcoms team cares for You!  

Flexible pricing

We offer our customers the most compatible prices for FMS hosting. Keeping up-dated on our competitors and Your demands we have worked out the best pricing solution. In addition to that we have a rather flexible grading system that enables You to choose the hosting plan which is really best for You. 




Flash media server hosting (Video chat/messenger/recorder):


Number of
simultaneous conn.
Monthly bandwidth* New bandwidth Monthly
6 Months cost
(15% off)
Annual cost
(20% off)
50 50 GB Unlimited $ 60.00 $ 305.00 $ 570.00
100 100 GB Unlimited $ 100.00 $ 510.00 $ 960.00
250 300 GB Unlimited $ 200.00 $ 1020.00 $ 1920.00
500 500 GB Unlimited $ 300.00 $ 1530.00 $ 2880.00
>500     Negotiable. Please contact us.  


  If you have any more questions please contact us