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Installation and integration

If you do not have in house developers to install the application we are ready to provide the following services:

Application installation and integration.

The installation/integration service consists of 2 parts: application installation and integration with existing website and database. Usually the installation is performed on the day when you order the service, and includes: setup of application, database tables, FMS application and testing. The average time to complete the whole service is 6 hours, which amounts for $150. The cost of the installation/integration service is hourly rated. If the limit of 6 pre-paid hours is reached, integration will be completed and an additional invoice will be issued to cover the difference. You will also be able to track the status of your installation/integration via client area.

Streaming media server installation service.

This service covers one-off installation of media server (FMIS, Wowza, Red5) on your server. As long as you meet the requirements listed on this page (see below under, "You must:"), this service is guaranteed.
This service includes verifying that you have all of the necessary requirements for our software to operate correctly, and installation/updating of needed components.

You must:

  • Obtain and download streaming media server from vendor to your server.
  • Have root access to the server via SSH (Linux) or Remote desktop (Windows).
  • Have permission from your web host to install software, if necessary.

Price - USD70

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